Thursday, February 5, 2009

Albero modern cuckoo clock

Our Albero has walked such a long way since it was born...well it is not really ours, but we like to feel like we adopted it. Nobody has ever really believed in it since we put it on the front line, captivating by its organic design, its modern accent and its simple but intelligent bird. The color choice was also a winning combination: wenge wood with white tree design which pop out like a splash of color exhalted by the orange arms, or ebonized wood (a darker version almost black) with a bright orange tree design and white arms.
Most of our customer would feel threaten by the bird..would it keep me awake at night ? No it wont. The bird has a mind on its own but it follow the rules, and at night he prefer to sleeps. If during the day it keeps boring you , you can always switch it off, or lower its volume.
Be amazed by this modern cuckoo clock which will keep you company and will cheer you up.
Although we like the old-like cuckoo clock design , and we feature one in our collection, this modern design of a cuckoo clock beats everybody up!
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