Thursday, February 5, 2009

A rolle coaster of emotions!

Design keeps taking new challenges everyday...few years ago we would have never expected to have kitchen which look better than our living room or bathrooms with home theater systems, or wardrobes with built in television and so on....but we reached that point. Now the design industry is pointing its focus on another area of our living space, of our existence: our outdoor areas. This focus has been ignored for a long time, to reflourish again and booming into an interesting market. But we see less and less ordinary pieces. Instead we see new shapes, different materials,lego system pieces a wide variaition of forms and colors which made our garden or patios looking like a big contemporary painting. Sometimes beautiful pieces, with such a high design which puts comfort standards on second place. But the real purpose here is to shock, to inspire and to entertain.
Also momentoitalia presents a collection of modern Italian outdoor furniture to fulfill the numerous requests for outdoor furniture, patio furniture and garden furniture. Our latest collection feature a sofa and chair set with curved shapes and soft lines, available in moka color and white, couches and armchairs, elegant outdoor tables and chairs. Made of woven man made fiber and aluminum frame. Easy to maneuver and use it outdoor. Modern and stylish.

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