Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Take a smarter step out of the loop

We are projected towards the future. Explore new possibilities and go beyond the conventionality of modern colors and styles. With this new collection you will enlarge your horizons . Modern dining room furniture and complements available in a brand new technique finish: open pore lacquer. What does it mean? Simple yet ingenius...the wood is left with its original grain while it is lacquered following special steps which allow to see the grain of the wood yet to have it colored in many different tones. Available in a wide selection of colors: white,black,dark brown,dark grey, beige, ivory and many more. Plus in all colors of RAL the international standard colors palette. The collection include fixed or extendible dining room tables, modern buffets and cabinets.

Mix and match this new colored open pore lacquer finish with the high gloss lacquer or mat lacquer colors of our standard collections, combined it with glass doors or decoupage finish.

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