Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simple, minimal, elegant. Your dining room set makes a step forward

All right we all get it. Running up and down thrift shops on weekends in desperate search of those victorian style chairs to reupholster or that bite size dining table to repaint keep our humor high and let us feel like we can achieve big goals. We can decorate! We can use our knowledge and our own hands to create something, a start from scratch!
The question is this though: would you still be revelling into all that work if you'd get the chance to choose among a rotten four legged piece of wood and a modern design piece created by the mind of a well known Italian master? Mmm not an easy answer. So while you still enjoy your domestic furniture creations why not to have a look at momentoitalia modern dining rooom tables and chairs collection for your next modern minimalistic Italian dining room area?
Momentoitalia presents a wide selection of modern dining tables made in Italy. Each new collection is presented with complete matching chairs and buffets or cabinets for a modern rich dining area.
The 2009 dining room collection combine modern dining room tables, dining chairs and buffet in a wide variety of finishes and sizes. The main feature is represented by the soft curved edges and the triangular sectioned legs which reaches out to the tops with sinuous movements. The table collection reaches out to those looking for either a fix or extendible table and the rich finishes make of those modern dining table the perfect choice fore any kind of dining room area.
You can find more information about momentoitalia modern Italian furniture at http://www.momentoitalia.com/ . Find modern Italian tables, modern Italian dining room chairs, modern sideboards and buffets. Made in Italy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The sofa beds which dresses your house...

A sofa bed for your living room? Yes it is possible. Most sofa beds on the market are bought for studios, spare bedrooms or home office rooms. It is very hard to find a good looking modern sofa bed with high quality standards and sooner or later you end up buying a very commercial piece.
Today we would like to present on of our modern Italian sofa beds. With its clean lines, it represents a simple minimalistic piece which hides a genious opening system. So good looking and so flexible, you can use it in your living room. First thing first, one of the best feature of this sofa bed are its numerous compositions. Different seat elements are combined together to form sectional layouts. Not only you can compose a classic L shape by adding two end element bond together by a corner element, but you can add a chaise lounge which add a touch of modernity and style. If you are not satisfy and need extra footrest space to relax watching your favorite movie, you can add up a large comfortable ottoman on castors, easy to move and with a storage space to store your favourite blanket during winter or your sheets or pillows. What better can you find if you already have a sectional sofa with a side converting to a queen size bed?
But the real deal is the opening system. So light and so effortless ! Because you do not need to remove any cushion or undress your sofabed...everything stays right to its place and while opening, the seat and back cushions follow the opening movement and end up below the bed, safely stored to keep the best shape. But how does the opening system work? By simple grab the back cushions from the top and pulling them toward yourself the sofa bed will unfold in two simple steps. The mattress will pop up in no time !
So you will preserve the seat cushions and keep them in shape because nobody will sleep on them and you will guarantee your guests with maximum comfort on a queen size mattress....and yes we'll guarantee.....NO WOOD SLATS AT ALL....the bedspring is electrowelded and guarantee solidity and firmness.
Another advantage of this product is represented by two hidden pockets which can be used to store pillows and sheets while your guests are gone and you decide to keep the sofabed close.
So you can't go wrong with it and obviously you can choose between a wide array of modern fabric textures and colors and high quality full grain leather.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome to Momentoitalia blog!

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