Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There's a chair for everybody...this chair.

Momentoitalia has never appreciated and promoted a product like this one before. A best selling piece from our collection which we can easily mark as "evergreen". There is no person who doesn't appreciate the beauty, the details and the luxurious materials used for these products.
This a collection of modern luxury seating furniture composed of chairs, armchairs, loveseats and stools made of a high quality thick leather sewed together in two thick layerings which extend from top to bottom.
30 Different colors are available to match your dining room furniture area or your living room, and you can be sure to find your tone color between the modern shades which the manufacturere carefully selected.
Made in Italy, in the Milan area the leather comes from Tuscany region, famous for the leather suppliers, and then design makes its steps into creating such versatile and classy products.
This collection is all about beautiful details: modern leather chairs and armchairs fully covered in leather, with visble stichings which you can take in matching or contrasting color. The chairs have pretty comfortable seating and although leather may let you think about stiffness, this chairs collection can guarantee a great comfort.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

A rolle coaster of emotions!

Design keeps taking new challenges everyday...few years ago we would have never expected to have kitchen which look better than our living room or bathrooms with home theater systems, or wardrobes with built in television and so on....but we reached that point. Now the design industry is pointing its focus on another area of our living space, of our existence: our outdoor areas. This focus has been ignored for a long time, to reflourish again and booming into an interesting market. But we see less and less ordinary pieces. Instead we see new shapes, different materials,lego system pieces a wide variaition of forms and colors which made our garden or patios looking like a big contemporary painting. Sometimes beautiful pieces, with such a high design which puts comfort standards on second place. But the real purpose here is to shock, to inspire and to entertain.
Also momentoitalia presents a collection of modern Italian outdoor furniture to fulfill the numerous requests for outdoor furniture, patio furniture and garden furniture. Our latest collection feature a sofa and chair set with curved shapes and soft lines, available in moka color and white, couches and armchairs, elegant outdoor tables and chairs. Made of woven man made fiber and aluminum frame. Easy to maneuver and use it outdoor. Modern and stylish.

Albero modern cuckoo clock

Our Albero has walked such a long way since it was born...well it is not really ours, but we like to feel like we adopted it. Nobody has ever really believed in it since we put it on the front line, captivating by its organic design, its modern accent and its simple but intelligent bird. The color choice was also a winning combination: wenge wood with white tree design which pop out like a splash of color exhalted by the orange arms, or ebonized wood (a darker version almost black) with a bright orange tree design and white arms.
Most of our customer would feel threaten by the bird..would it keep me awake at night ? No it wont. The bird has a mind on its own but it follow the rules, and at night he prefer to sleeps. If during the day it keeps boring you , you can always switch it off, or lower its volume.
Be amazed by this modern cuckoo clock which will keep you company and will cheer you up.
Although we like the old-like cuckoo clock design , and we feature one in our collection, this modern design of a cuckoo clock beats everybody up!
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