Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lady, a perfectly identified armchair

When i first saw this amrchair, sitting on the corner of a furniture booth at the most famous International furniture fair in Milan, my words were :"this armchair its gonna be mine!" , and i immediately pictured 4 or 5 places in my home where it would easily rock its way into my mixture of modern antique furniture and decor pieces. This armchair was simple but so stylish and contemporary with a slight feminine touch. That is when i thought that Lady was the perfect name for it, with its sensuality and smoothness reminding me of those classical paintings where female bodies were pictured generous and elegant.
Designed in 1951 by the acclaimed designer Marco Zanuso and manufactured by Arflex, this armchair keeps a retro look but melts perfectly with modern design concepts . Marco Zanuso and Arflex started working together during the IX Triennale of Milano in 1951 and this armchair was their first products. It immediately catched the attention of the people and were awarded Gold medal.
Imagine the thousands of possibilities you can have fun with, by choosing your own material, make a double color choice, or pick on of the manufacturer extensive fabrics collection.
Contact us to request more information about this wonderful product.Momentoitalia brings you modern design Italian furniture, superior quality Italian imported living room and bedroom furniture! Lifestyle by design.

Monday, May 24, 2010

News from the 2010 Milan furniture show: the capital of the showbusiness, fashion and design. This year the 2010 International Furniture Show has brought to our attention a new home concept. With the economy at this stage, people spend more time at home. Therefore the house plays a key role in people's lives . The furniture has evolved as well, being more comfortable and more casual, keeping distance from the minimalistic neutral approach , instead adding colors and textured details to every room. The kitchen is larger and no more separated from the rest of the house...instead it melts with the living area by creating a unique environment where most of the time is spent. Bathrooms have become more technological adding a zen atmosphere and spa complements.

The sofas have softer lines and unconventional designs;

The living room is less conventional, colors play a big role and different materials break down the continuity of the room;

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

New clocks collection!!!!

They are finally here and ready to come to your house very soon! The new 2010 modern cuckoo and wall clock collection is here to surprise you with its wonderful clever ideas and design. As usual our young Italian designers have put all their efforts to create happy decor treasures for our homes and yours as well if you dare! Beautiful modern wall clocks and cuckoo clocks, a perfect choice for your holidays gifts or birthday gifts. These clocks will be a wonderful gift idea, a designer home decor object which you can give as a sign of love to your family, friends, coworkers or keep them just for yourself! This new designer clocks collection has it all. Some of thee clocks show a retro style with a design reminiscence of the 50s. Some are yet modern restyling of cuckoo clocks and modern version of wall clocks to be used at home or at the office. PALETTE - The above clock is a gorgeous retro modern wall clock made of painted wood with colored painted wood dots. Its name says it all.
Above: Softy cuckoo clock - a gorgeous modern cuckoo clock in a beautiful deep blue color. Above: Prospettivo - a modern wall clock so elegant to be used in your office
Above: free time modern cuckoo clock
All our modern clocks, cuckoo clocks, table clocks and wall clocks are made in Italy and imported from Italy. Our modern designer wall clocks have quartz movement and they are all battery feeding. Our modern cuckoo clocks have all German clock system and are made in Italy and imported from Italy.
This is the time for your special gift to give. A designer clock will be there constantly and remind them of you all the time. A designer clock is a happy gift something to be happy for , something which let your home feel special.
For more information about our modern designer clocks check our website at and get more styles and more designs.

Monday, February 22, 2010


The Albero modern cuckoo clock has been featured at the " Il Design Italiano nel mondo", the Italian design throught the world, Casa Italia - Vancouver 2010 , February 8-28 , 2010. Works from Collezione Farnesina Design will be shown at an exposition during the Olympics Games, to promote the Italian design, its know-how and its beauty. We are proud that one of our featured products, the Albero cucuruku cuckoo clock by Progetti has been selected to be part of this representation of modern Italian design.
The albero cucuruku modern cuckoo clock is a best selling modern design accessory for your home. Available in wenge wood with white tree design or ebonized wood with orange tree, it now has a new 2010 fresh version: light oak with white tree and green branches. A more organic, greener fresher look for all ages!
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

2 years old...and better than ever !

The Albero cucuruku got restyled! Coming soon the 2010 version:
More "ecological" more "inspired" A new fresh look for our best selling clock Albero cucuruku by Paolino & Fushi manufactured by progetti and available through us at .
Gorgeous new colors which perfectly welcome the upcoming spring season.
Albero cucuruku has been a winning clock for over two years, a perfect gift for every occasion, and can really save you if you are looking for something original on this Valentine's day. Featured also on the New York Times as well as many design magazines, websites and blogs, this clock has surprised , amuses, entertain and represent a beautiful complement for your home or office.
Available soon in this sparkling new version with light oak wood , white tree design and orange arm. A green inspiration for sure.....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sidney sofa: when class speaks by itself

The meaning of design. Sometimes we see it clearly sometimes we cannot understand it. Looking at "Sidney", the peak piece from our 2010 new sofas collection, you are immediately overcome by a sense of class, style , lightness and neatless. And you can sense its superior design. Yet so simple, the Sidney sofa has unsurpassable meticolous details which turns into a piece of beautiful home furnishing . You can immediately picture this modern sofa in a wide open urban style Soho loft, an upscale Upper East side brownstone or a redesigned Central park west townhouse. No matter which kind of decor you have to stick to, becuase this couch will look perfectly at ease in any space.
Sidney has a free spirit. The whole structure is lightened up by elegant thin feet which run troughout the sides giving more emphasis to the wide comfortable seat cushions made of polyurethane foam layered up at different densities to secure maximum comfort. The back has a magical function; the back cushions extend outward the back of the sofa and with an easy movement can lifted up and use for upright seating comfort. Each of the mechanisme is light and easy and indipendent from each other. The proportions are balanced and the pieces are manufactured in different sizes to create infinite possibilities. The armrests are smooth and run along the sides up to the back forming beautiful soft curves which are visible and of a great effect when you are standing on the sides of the couch.
Everything is at his place, right where it should be. This sofa looks gorgeous from front to back, from side to side. Available in a two seater(180/200/220 centimeters) or three seater (248 centimeters) it is also customizable in sectional sofas with corner units and chase lounges, or end element with built-in wide ottoman, or with separate open seat-armchairs. Available in a wide selection of gorgeous modern fabrics and absolutely astonishing in its leather version.

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