Thursday, April 22, 2010

New clocks collection!!!!

They are finally here and ready to come to your house very soon! The new 2010 modern cuckoo and wall clock collection is here to surprise you with its wonderful clever ideas and design. As usual our young Italian designers have put all their efforts to create happy decor treasures for our homes and yours as well if you dare! Beautiful modern wall clocks and cuckoo clocks, a perfect choice for your holidays gifts or birthday gifts. These clocks will be a wonderful gift idea, a designer home decor object which you can give as a sign of love to your family, friends, coworkers or keep them just for yourself! This new designer clocks collection has it all. Some of thee clocks show a retro style with a design reminiscence of the 50s. Some are yet modern restyling of cuckoo clocks and modern version of wall clocks to be used at home or at the office. PALETTE - The above clock is a gorgeous retro modern wall clock made of painted wood with colored painted wood dots. Its name says it all.
Above: Softy cuckoo clock - a gorgeous modern cuckoo clock in a beautiful deep blue color. Above: Prospettivo - a modern wall clock so elegant to be used in your office
Above: free time modern cuckoo clock
All our modern clocks, cuckoo clocks, table clocks and wall clocks are made in Italy and imported from Italy. Our modern designer wall clocks have quartz movement and they are all battery feeding. Our modern cuckoo clocks have all German clock system and are made in Italy and imported from Italy.
This is the time for your special gift to give. A designer clock will be there constantly and remind them of you all the time. A designer clock is a happy gift something to be happy for , something which let your home feel special.
For more information about our modern designer clocks check our website at and get more styles and more designs.

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