Monday, May 24, 2010

News from the 2010 Milan furniture show: the capital of the showbusiness, fashion and design. This year the 2010 International Furniture Show has brought to our attention a new home concept. With the economy at this stage, people spend more time at home. Therefore the house plays a key role in people's lives . The furniture has evolved as well, being more comfortable and more casual, keeping distance from the minimalistic neutral approach , instead adding colors and textured details to every room. The kitchen is larger and no more separated from the rest of the house...instead it melts with the living area by creating a unique environment where most of the time is spent. Bathrooms have become more technological adding a zen atmosphere and spa complements.

The sofas have softer lines and unconventional designs;

The living room is less conventional, colors play a big role and different materials break down the continuity of the room;

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