Sunday, November 20, 2011

Modern buffets, an explosion of ideas!

Momentoitalia is pleased to introduce you the new 2012 modern buffets furniture collection. If you are looking for luxury modern Italian furniture, momentoitalia is the right place. We updated our collection of furniture pieces every year, and we carefully select the best designer furniture which hopefully will make youre home a superb stylish designer place! 
This new buffets collection is simply amazing, and good to hear....matt lacquer is a come  back! after years of glossy shiny furniture pieces (which, by the way, we still love and cherish)  Italian design is now remembering matt is good as well!,  at least in this collection of modern designer buffets for your dining rom and living furniture.

These are fun pieces with a distinctive modern design and an amazing quality, where matt color is chosen as main finsh or combined with warm wood tones. Also available pre set color combination,  like the tall credenza in dark brown matt lacquer with orange shelving, olive green door and a perforated off white door very useful for tv equipment and remote control communication. Colors availability ranges from white to berry, from olive green to orange , to blue and more classic neutral shades, you can have a little fun by picking this happy colorful styles.

For those who prefere monochromatic hues, a one color finish is also available.

And if you are keen to a more contemporary style what about this stylish buffets and credenzas with a warm solid ash wood frame? mix the wood with matt lacquer colors for the perfect match.


and for the ultimate luxury, what about this sophisticated buffet with woven thick leather doors and wood structure and frame? Available in natural color, white or orange leather.

The most amazing detail though, is the wonderful oak wood finish painted white, where you see a subtle visible veneering. Its like having a white wood with these amazing veneering... a unique effect. To get to know more about these amazing modern dining room buffets visit momentoitalia website at  your virtual window shop for modern Italian designer furniture.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The event we were waiting for all year round has finally arrived, the place to be if you are interested in the world of modern design, the place where rigour mixes with creativy , where beauty sometimes surpasses standard common rules. The 2011 Milan Design Week has been a great success and has brought us new ideas, new amazing products for ourselves, our homes, our living spaces. So let's start our journey and explore what's new for this seasons and those yet to come .
White has bonded with color - It is more common to see sparkle of colors in our minimalistic designs ruled by white and neutral tones. Seating furniture becomes more soft and acquire a "casual look" less strict and linear.
We have seen quiet an impressing number of statement armchairs like the one above with round curves and soft fabric covers . The accent pieces must have their glamour time and are not anymore thought as complements to fill up a dead corner of your home.
italian modern furniture

Fun extras are added to furniture pices like these real blue fur amrchair back cover. Put it in when you need to be pampered up in the winter season, have it off when it's summer time.

Monday, April 11, 2011

It's coming soon 2011 design news

It's finally here! The event we are all waiting for is ready to knock us down with it's exciting news about the world
of modern design. The International Milan furniture show will be held from April 12th to April 17th in Milan, Italy, and will be the center of attention for all those interested in modern design, furniture accessories and home living. Events, exhibitions, parties and much more will make of Milan the capital of design for one week!
Momentoitalia will be covering the event to give you a glimpse of this fascinating event ! If you want to know the trends for this year for your home, new decor ideas, and new design concepts follow our blog and check it back soon!
We will be covering the Italian design area, with a focus on Italian bedroom furniture and living room furniture. We will go deep into the new trends of modern living room and bedroom with a quick look to decor accessories. Products which will be soon available in the best modern Italian furniture stores, and products which will be available through
Your home furniture design evolves and momentoitalia is there to follow.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

HILLSIDE breaks the rules of linear designs

A clear break with the conventional modern. Straight elements give space to geometrical shape, conventional neutral tones are abandoned to embrance bright vibrant happy hues.
Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, Hillside is a modular wall unit system which allows you to create your own wall composition. The big difference is that it develops horizontally through a series of modern connection elements , storage elements and floor elements such as benches and storage units. Hillside is dynamic and gives your walls a thridimensional look . Modern geometric elements in different depths, lenghts and shapes give your living room a modern unique look . Each element can be open or equipped with doors, available in wood or gorgeous matt lacquered colors.
Hillside is available in different sizes. You can have more info by visiting our modern Italian furniture website and download the pdf catalog.

At momentoitalia you can find the best in modern high end Italian furniture. High quality Italian made modern bedroom and living room furniture to create your dream home. Perfectly customizable Italian modern sofas, available in many fabrics and leather selection, minimalistic modern wall units, modern beds and lounge armchairs for the ultimate modern home.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 New modern Italian wall units

Our lifestyle changes all the time and design follows our idea of a better , more beautiful and more practical living. Italian design embrace this concept first hand . Every year something new comes out to enhance our living, something which let us think "oh why didn't they do it before!" This year its time to color up our home walls, to let them sparkle and our new wall unit collection is ready to do that. Forget about bulky shelves and spacious cabinets and lean towards simple element in subtle colors which gives a more casual look to the space but yet enhance its elegance.

To let it feel more alive, our walls are dressed up with open storage elements fixed directly on the wall, open element whithout doors to be stuffed up with our belongings and decor objects which create geometrical layouts when combined with other vertical or horizontal elements, shelves, and benches. New details are added like practical perforated doors useful to control tv equipments.

Matt colors have a come back and the house is filled with decorative objects, getting a distance from the minimalistic approach. The house feel fuller and less pretentious. Bold colors are replaced by more daring ones. There are no boundaries and you have finally the chance to get out of the scheme and follow your own taste. You can check our modern wall units on our website at and download the catalogs, sizes and colors .
Modern Italian furniture . the way to feel your house incredibly right.