Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 New modern Italian wall units

Our lifestyle changes all the time and design follows our idea of a better , more beautiful and more practical living. Italian design embrace this concept first hand . Every year something new comes out to enhance our living, something which let us think "oh why didn't they do it before!" This year its time to color up our home walls, to let them sparkle and our new wall unit collection is ready to do that. Forget about bulky shelves and spacious cabinets and lean towards simple element in subtle colors which gives a more casual look to the space but yet enhance its elegance.

To let it feel more alive, our walls are dressed up with open storage elements fixed directly on the wall, open element whithout doors to be stuffed up with our belongings and decor objects which create geometrical layouts when combined with other vertical or horizontal elements, shelves, and benches. New details are added like practical perforated doors useful to control tv equipments.

Matt colors have a come back and the house is filled with decorative objects, getting a distance from the minimalistic approach. The house feel fuller and less pretentious. Bold colors are replaced by more daring ones. There are no boundaries and you have finally the chance to get out of the scheme and follow your own taste. You can check our modern wall units on our website at and download the catalogs, sizes and colors .
Modern Italian furniture . the way to feel your house incredibly right.

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