Monday, April 25, 2011

The event we were waiting for all year round has finally arrived, the place to be if you are interested in the world of modern design, the place where rigour mixes with creativy , where beauty sometimes surpasses standard common rules. The 2011 Milan Design Week has been a great success and has brought us new ideas, new amazing products for ourselves, our homes, our living spaces. So let's start our journey and explore what's new for this seasons and those yet to come .
White has bonded with color - It is more common to see sparkle of colors in our minimalistic designs ruled by white and neutral tones. Seating furniture becomes more soft and acquire a "casual look" less strict and linear.
We have seen quiet an impressing number of statement armchairs like the one above with round curves and soft fabric covers . The accent pieces must have their glamour time and are not anymore thought as complements to fill up a dead corner of your home.
italian modern furniture

Fun extras are added to furniture pices like these real blue fur amrchair back cover. Put it in when you need to be pampered up in the winter season, have it off when it's summer time.

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