Friday, December 6, 2013

Shell sofa bed: new addition to our sofa beds family

We are pround to introduce a new member to our large family of modern Italian sofa beds. This new baby will be your perfect choice if you are looking for an easy to use compact sofa bed which does not take too much space in your room but still delivers outstanding performances.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A taste of Mediterranean: savoring well-being

On December 3rd 2013 Momentoitalia team took part at this interesting event organized by the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce & Italy-America Chamber of Commerce  of Texas. A series of events stretched from Texas to New York to savor a taste of the Mediterranean food and to promote the Mediterranean Diet which has been recognized by the Unesco World Heritage Site an Intangible Patrimony. The events took place  in two restaurants in New York City, Il Gattopardo Restaurant  and The Leopard at des Artistes as well as in Houston Texas at the Carmelo's Italian Restaurant. 

The menu included dishes from the various region starting with Cialledda calda from Matera a great classic of traditional paesant cuisine made with stale bread, Ciambotta from Campobasso another appetizer made with eggplants and saute vegetables, and stretching into main pasta dishes as Chickpea Pasta "Sagne e Ceci" typical regional dish from Campobasso and pasta with anchovies sauce (Siracusa). The last main course dish was truffle gnocchi (Rieti). Second courses included Cod Fish (recipe typical of La Spezia) and meatballs (Taranto) . We could not end this superb dinner without specialty regional sweets and a good espresso cup. Plus a series of fantastic Italian wine tastings. You can check all the recipe here

MEDITA: The culture and the value of the Mediterranean Diet, The Intangible Patrimony of the Unesco World Heritage Site - A Chambers of Commerce project of Campobasso, Frosinone, Isernia, La Spezia, Maatera, Rieti, Siracusa, Taranto, Teramo and Terni. 

Italian cuisine has become a model to be imitated worldwide as much for the goodness, authenticity and quality of the dishes themselves as for the rich and varied ingredients and for the coocking techniques. -

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Have you checked our youtube channel?

Have you checked our youtube channel? We have an exciting selection of videos from our youtube channel where you can check the opening systems of our modern sofa beds, the latest products added, where you can hear the sound of our modern cuckoo clocks, where you can follow the events and much more! enjoy a selection of our videos from our playlist below!

Momentoitalia is your virtual boutique for modern high end Italian furniture. A wide selection of modern sofa beds, modern designer sofas, furniture for the living room and the bedroom areas of your home. We are specialized in Italian furniture for both residential and contract projects. Visit our website at to discover amazing designer Italian furniture! 

A new path to comfortable sofa beds...

We all know how difficult it is to search for your perfect durable high quality sofa bed which also features a modern and clean design and which can guarantee a certain level of comfort. Luckily for you our selection of modern sofa bed is wide and we keep adding new styles. Perfect for any design and any room today we are proud to introduce another new version the Choo Sofa bed . Made in Italy, with a distinctive Italian style

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Modern sofa beds : the sleek Italian style. Modern Italian sofa beds!

Modern sofa beds |  Italian furniture | Sofa beds storage & sectional sofa beds
We've added a new video on our Youtube channel! We are specialized in modern designer sofa beds made in Italy and transformable furniture. Enjoy our new Youtube video and this sleek designer pull out sofa beds. Our sofa beds selection is wide and you can find the sofa bed you are looking for. They feature a modern design, Italian quality, easy to open mechanism. Most of our modern sofa beds are available in multiple sizes so that you can create amazing compositions and layout. If you are looking for a standard sofa bed or a sectional sofa bed with storage you can choose between different pieces, ottomans, chaises with storage and corner elements. The cover is completely removable and you can choose between a wide selection of fabrics and European cattle full grain leather in many different colors. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Holidays may be far....but not too far

Although we feel like summer is still a fresh thing  at Momentoitalia we have our minds already set up for the Holidays Season~ ! This is the time our partners vendors place the orders to stock up on Holiday gifts and prepare their marketing strategies. So we thought we'd give you a heads up on our most recent clocks and cuckoo clocks collection which represent one of the best and original gift idea.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A simple solution

Transform your living room into a functional space. A simple solution sometimes can be the best bet. If you need to add up more sleeping solution and need to use your living room as a ready to go sleeping place but do not want to give up the modern design of your living room,  we have the perfect modern sofa bed for you. A lovely sleek design featuring low and very wide armrests which have a double functionality: you can add two rectangular trays on top and use the armrests as night stands when the sofa is opened into bed and as side tables when it is close. You can hold lamps, books,remote controls,magazine and you will not ruin the armrests. But that's not all.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New video - modern sectional sofa bed with storage and chaise lounge, Italian furniture

Now available our new collection of Italian modern sofa bed with a superior quality and many many different features. Multiple sizes are available to create sectional sofa compositions, with chaise lounges, sofa beds with storage and ottomans. The opening system is extremely easy and smooth. A new sofa bed version comes now with low extra wide armrests which can be used as night stands when the sofa is opened into bed, and side tables when it is close. Just use two rectangular trays and hold remote controls,magazines,glasses,books without ruining the armrests ! Exquisite sectional sofa bed with chaise lounge and storage space with soft cushions and luxury fabric all with the top quality Italian design and details.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New modern sofas and sofa beds on display and on sale!

If you are in need of a modern sofa beds or a designer sofa why don't you check our floor sample sale? You can score beautiful modern Italian furniture at a discounted price respect to retail market. Modern designer sofas, sectional sofa  bed with storage,modern sofa beds.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Milano Design week 2013 "I Saloni" Italian furniture fair - The space we will live

A trip to Italy? well we've never said no. Not only because in our veins runs Italian blood, not only because I was personally born and raised in Rome and there is no way i'll refuse to go back to my home town but this time there was another good reason to go: attending The 2013 Milan Design week and the 2013 furniture Fair " I Saloni". We were excited to to see all the news and the trends for this year.