Thursday, May 9, 2013

Milano Design week 2013 "I Saloni" Italian furniture fair - The space we will live

A trip to Italy? well we've never said no. Not only because in our veins runs Italian blood, not only because I was personally born and raised in Rome and there is no way i'll refuse to go back to my home town but this time there was another good reason to go: attending The 2013 Milan Design week and the 2013 furniture Fair " I Saloni". We were excited to to see all the news and the trends for this year.
It is always a fun show to attend, busy and challenging due to its huge size and numerous stands as well as all of the events throughout the city .  

What we saw was most certainly a return of color, especially opaque and pastel hues, combined with neutral grades of color, from the light cream to beige and taupe. The rooms seemed pretty welcoming and warm, with more attention to make them more alive and less impersonal. If in some rooms there was  still a need of saving space and a need for modular furniture, in the main living areas the trend was still ruled by luxurious generously sized pieces with a tight connection in between the different areas of the home. We are happy to have seen less exotic materials use and leather pieces instead we noticed a growing collaboration between fashion designers and manufactures booming into happily designed fabrics, colored signature patterns and specific high tech textures.  Of course some pieces looked at the future and what will design be in the years to come, with reasearch in materials and new shapes withouth leaving out consideration of the environment. 

Enjoy these pictures and remember you can also check them on our facebook page! 

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