Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Modern sofa beds : the sleek Italian style. Modern Italian sofa beds!

Modern sofa beds |  Italian furniture | Sofa beds storage & sectional sofa beds
We've added a new video on our Youtube channel! We are specialized in modern designer sofa beds made in Italy and transformable furniture. Enjoy our new Youtube video and this sleek designer pull out sofa beds. Our sofa beds selection is wide and you can find the sofa bed you are looking for. They feature a modern design, Italian quality, easy to open mechanism. Most of our modern sofa beds are available in multiple sizes so that you can create amazing compositions and layout. If you are looking for a standard sofa bed or a sectional sofa bed with storage you can choose between different pieces, ottomans, chaises with storage and corner elements. The cover is completely removable and you can choose between a wide selection of fabrics and European cattle full grain leather in many different colors. 

Our latest collection also includes selected sofa bed available in European king size ! Plus our modern sofa beds can be chosen with different style options such as extra wide low armrests, standard or narrow armrests. You can find our selection of modern sofa beds on our website at www.momentoitalia.com

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