Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Holidays may be far....but not too far

Although we feel like summer is still a fresh thing  at Momentoitalia we have our minds already set up for the Holidays Season~ ! This is the time our partners vendors place the orders to stock up on Holiday gifts and prepare their marketing strategies. So we thought we'd give you a heads up on our most recent clocks and cuckoo clocks collection which represent one of the best and original gift idea.
A designer gift is something special, and a luxurious gift made in Italy is even more special. Our modern cuckoo clocks and designer wall clocks are perfect for any kind of gift: for a wedding gift, for birthdays gift, for the Holidays and even for the big corporations which decide to treat their employees with something fun and thoughtful. So if you are looking for a unique gift idea why not consider our modern cuckoo and wall clocks? Remember to plan and purchase in advance because December month can be pretty hectic for us ~ ! Our modern cuckoo clocks are available to see on our website at www.momentoitalia.com

Salvator Dali inspired modern cuckoo clock ! Our cuckoo clocks are made in Italy and feature a German cuckoo clock system. The cuckoo stays quiet at night thanks to a light sensor build into each of the clock. These superb clocks come available in many designs and many shapes and most importantly in many different colors. For your Holidays gifts or birthday gifts, perfect as wedding and corporate gifts. 

We love this cuckoo home with an industrial touch given by the rough metal material and soften up by the wood details. Available in different colors the cuckoo home is the perfect gift and an ever green . A modern version of an old times classic piece! 

If you are looking for a more sophisticated and subtle piece why not this amazing cuckoo clock inspired by the great artist Mondrian? A very elegant gift for anyone it will look amazing in your home and also any office, cheering up the whole space. Our gifts come shipped in very nice packaging which are perfect also without any gift wrapping! Simply adds up a bow do not forget a greeting card and you are ready to go! We have a wide selection of modern cuckoo clock and wall clocks which represent the ideal gift solution for your Holidays. For your friends, for your family, for your collegues and why not maybe your bosses, you will make a statement with these superb cuckoo clocks gift ideas! 

Our best seller, the magnificent Cucuruku cuckoo clock , this has been around for a while and still hold the no. 1 position in our gift collection. With its modern design, so simple and whimsical yet revisited with a modern twist, the simple contrasting color and the simplicity of the shape it is still charming and people love it! The cucuruku would make a lovely gift. 

You can see these clocks and many others on our website at www.momentoitalia.com 

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