Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A new path to comfortable sofa beds...

We all know how difficult it is to search for your perfect durable high quality sofa bed which also features a modern and clean design and which can guarantee a certain level of comfort. Luckily for you our selection of modern sofa bed is wide and we keep adding new styles. Perfect for any design and any room today we are proud to introduce another new version the Choo Sofa bed . Made in Italy, with a distinctive Italian style
and the well sought after quality which makes Italian manufacturing the leading industry in the world of modern furniture, this fantastic sofa bed is enhanced by two extra wide back cushions which can be lifted up straight to improve the seating comfort and it is an essential tool either the sofa bed is close or converted into bed. These two large cushions are particularly effective when the sofa is converted into bed to guarantee comfort while reading, relaxing or watching television. The sofa bed opening system is extremely easy to use and feature a strong bedspring with a polyurethane foam mattress. 

This exquisite modern sofa bed is available in three sizes with three different mattress sizes : 75" with bed 47" wide, 83" with bed 55" and 90.5" inches with 63" bed width. It is available in many different fabrics selection with different modern textures and colors. The cover is completely removable for dry cleaning and for a future change if you decide you need a different color or feel in the mood of changing your room design. Imported from Italy. You can find this product by visiting our website at www.momentoitalia.com or calling us at 212 366 1777. Momentoitalia is your virtual boutique to find high end top quality Italian modern furniture. We are specialized in modern sofa beds, transformable furniture and living room furniture for both contract and residential projects.

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