Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A taste of Mediterranean: savoring well-being

On December 3rd 2013 Momentoitalia team took part at this interesting event organized by the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce & Italy-America Chamber of Commerce  of Texas. A series of events stretched from Texas to New York to savor a taste of the Mediterranean food and to promote the Mediterranean Diet which has been recognized by the Unesco World Heritage Site an Intangible Patrimony. The events took place  in two restaurants in New York City, Il Gattopardo Restaurant  and The Leopard at des Artistes as well as in Houston Texas at the Carmelo's Italian Restaurant. 

The menu included dishes from the various region starting with Cialledda calda from Matera a great classic of traditional paesant cuisine made with stale bread, Ciambotta from Campobasso another appetizer made with eggplants and saute vegetables, and stretching into main pasta dishes as Chickpea Pasta "Sagne e Ceci" typical regional dish from Campobasso and pasta with anchovies sauce (Siracusa). The last main course dish was truffle gnocchi (Rieti). Second courses included Cod Fish (recipe typical of La Spezia) and meatballs (Taranto) . We could not end this superb dinner without specialty regional sweets and a good espresso cup. Plus a series of fantastic Italian wine tastings. You can check all the recipe here

MEDITA: The culture and the value of the Mediterranean Diet, The Intangible Patrimony of the Unesco World Heritage Site - A Chambers of Commerce project of Campobasso, Frosinone, Isernia, La Spezia, Maatera, Rieti, Siracusa, Taranto, Teramo and Terni. 

Italian cuisine has become a model to be imitated worldwide as much for the goodness, authenticity and quality of the dishes themselves as for the rich and varied ingredients and for the coocking techniques. -

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