Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The quality and functionality of Italian design into a successful modern sofa bed

You know, you've been there, you've looked all around the City and online to find that perfect modern sofa bed which could implement your house productivity, with a high quality and a beautiful modern design. You've had enough of inflatable beds, messy living room sofa you had to share (is my living sofa really thought to be slept on?)  and cushions spread all over the house.
You thought it would be a piece of cake buying the perfect sofa bed but soon realized you did not succed in the task. Wasn't really your fault was it, some were ugly, some were too soft, some were difficult to open and some did not meet your expectation at all (nor those of your other half, your kids, your in laws...)

Look no farther. Because we have the right modern sofa bed, a piece it's been around for so many years we'd almost forget how good it is if it wasn't for our loyal customers who keep reminding us! This modern sofa bed holds all of the key element to satisfy every taste. 

It has a modern classic design, just at a point where you could literally put it in any kind of room design and would just blend with it, the perfect proportions and the right sizes. It can be available in many different measurements starting from single armchairs to big L shape compositions. It is extremely easy to open and the bed is hidden inside so you will never sleep on the seat cushions. Do you want to talk about mattresses? a pocketed spring mattress or a polyurethane one, firm and ready to use. It hides two hidden storage pockets where you can store sheets or pillows. It has a sturdy Italian bed mechanism called Lampolet - it comes available in many different fabrics and leather options and the cover is all removable! tired of the color after few years? just change the cover and you will have a brand new sofa bed - it offers many optional like ottomans and chaise lounges with storage. It is also comfortable. It is made in Italy.  

Did we give you enough reasons? 

Find more information at http://www.momentoitalia.com

Our modern sofa beds are made in Italy and imported from Italy - Italian quality and modern design. To inquire about sofa beds visit our websites or call our toll free number 1 877 332 6769 For fabric selection and range please contact us. For contract inquiries and hospitality projects please contact our office

Smart design: available with standard armrests or narrow armrests for more compact sizes, they both feature two hidden pockets on the back to store pillows or sheets. Easy to open it unfolds by simply pulling the back cushions 

The sofa bed can be disassembled for easy moving transportation, armrests can be detached as well as cushions and back. All cover is removable and done with a Velcro system. Many different modern fabrics and leather colors are available.

We have many different modern sofa beds and specialized in Italian modern furniture for residential and contract projects. 

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