Monday, August 25, 2014

A transformable sofa bed and 24h lounge area

Multi-functional spaces. This is the core concept at the base of some of the furniture you will find on our website. Pieces of furniture able to transform in something different at different times of the day. This brand new piece is not only a comfortable sofa and a sofa bed but it easily turns into a working station or dining set and even a lounge area. So many secrets hide behind this myesterious creation. But let's have a clooser look shall we? 

The sofa starts as a compact size two cushions sofa, available in different colors...

the two ends then are pushed open to reveal something else stored into the back of the sofa....

 what is that?

 The back is hosting a table! By opening the table you have transformed your modern sofa into a dining or working area with two comfortable chairs and a rectangular ready to use desk. Clever eh?
 But it doesn't end here....because each of the chair can open up into a single bed
 horizontally, or perpendicular to the back of the sofa

 Read, relax, eat, sleep, have fun with this modular sofa bed and transformable lounge seating system.

There is only one way to end this post: how would you call this design piece? give it a name! a tandem sofa bed, a transformable sofa bed, a modular sofa bed or anything else? we are looking for suggestions!

Momentoitalia imports high end Italian furniture, designed and made in Italy, specialized in modern sofa beds and transformable furniture, modern accessories and contract furniture. You can browse our modern transformable furniture and space saving furniture  by clicking here . To browse our collection of designer modern sofa beds click here. Our modern sofa beds are available in multiple sizes and different fabric options and colors. Leather and faux leather is also available. Imported from Italy! 

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