Monday, August 4, 2014

Armless sofa beds, a reality many more are seeking

Arm-less sofa beds are a reality. People needs more compact designs maximizing the seating and sleeping spaces preferring simple clean designs with a flexibility and practical use. This modern arm less sofa bed has a generous unique seat cushion and is defined by a long thick back cushion which is part of the structure and used to convert the sofa into bed.
By pulling the back from one side the sofa reveal a queen size bed ready to sleep in. This modern sofa bed features has different optional choices: if you prefer to have armrests you can choose two armrests made of a metal bar where a square pillow is attached. Those armrests are removable then you can use them at your own choice. If you like a more softer look the back can also be available with two large rectangular cushions. The cover is completely removable for dry cleaning and you can choose between a large number of modern fabric textures and colors, leather, microfiber and mixed material.

 Above: two versions for this modern sofa bed, a thick back with no cushions or a softer one including two rectangular back cushions. Create your own modern composition by adding throw in pillows to this sofa bed.

A different sofa bed version including one armrests . The armrest is made of a metal bar holding a pillow, a very interesting detail. Non conventional modern design. The unique whole seat cushion maximize the seating space. Simple effective modern design sofa beds.

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