Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Modern sofa bed with twin beds and a lovely modern design

Easy and practical for those who need two separate single beds to use with flexibility, or a convertible queen size bed. For those who do not want to give up modern design, quality, and beauty. This modern sofa bed has a delicate design and features different aesthetic solutions to suit everybody's need.  The standard version features two armrests and a unique whole seat cushions while the back is soften up by three square tender cushions. This sofa bed is available with queen size bed or two double beds, or a single bed with two extractable drawers at the bottom.
This model also features two chaise lounges with one single bed, and can also be chosen in its "day bed" version which excludes the back. What we love about this modern design piece is most definitely its look so romantic, feminine and soft, the shape of the elements in its entities, the generous back cushions and the beautiful stitching workmanship. Available in many different fabric types, in modern leather colors, in faux leather or ultra suede, the cover is always removable and the sofa bed can be completely disassembled. This sofa bed will perfectly fulfill your country house living room, your guest room, a studio or your kids room.

Above: day bed version - no back, with single or double bed or drawers
beautiful sofa bed version with convertible bed 


We are proud to offer you a wide selection of modern sofa beds through our website at  www.momentoitalia.com ; for every taste whether you are looking for an armchair bed, a queen size sofa bed, a sleeper sofa or double bed we have plenty of modern pieces to choose from. All of our sofa beds and our furniture products are made in Italy and imported from Italy. High end quality, high end design and details. 

Momentoitalia also brings you a very interesting collection of space saving furniture, check our website to select Italian quality modern sofa beds and then call us to personalize your experience, ask us about fabric selection and more information about these wonderful sofa beds. We are specialized in modern Italian furniture, with a particular attention on modern sofa beds, space saving furniture and modern sofas.

Our modern sofa beds are available in multiple fabric textures and colors, in faux leather, in full grain soft leather, in Alcantara or microfiber. You will definitely find the right sofa bed because they are available in so many sizes, in sectional versions or you can go as small as an armchair bed!  If you need a king size because you like sleeping large, selected sofa beds feature king size mattresses as well.  And always made in Italy, Italian quality and design. We are specialized in modern Italian furniture !

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