Friday, August 29, 2014

Space saving furniture - transform and rearrange

We continue our travel into the world of transformable and space saving furniture. This next piece is a little bit of a work desk, a living room piece, and it sure suits fine in your kids room. A beautiful sideboard made of wood and lacquered in different colors. A compact size to be arranged in different areas of your home or in the office. If you are looking for versatile space saving furniture pieces we have a large selection of edgy and cool products, modern sofa beds, armchairs which turn into single beds, ottoman beds and modular pieces. But which secrets this featured product holds? Let's dig into it...

A compact and defined sizes with three compartments, sleek and minimal made of wood and lacquered in different colors. At first sight it may look as a simple modern buffet but the middle section slides out to reveal a cute armchair with seat and back pillows 

This modern sideboard is then converted into a functional modern desk. The two sides compartments are used for storage. This sideboard will fit perfectly in smaller areas, in rooms where functional furniture is needed, in kids rooms or small studios, in offices. A modern little clever furniture piece made in Italy, 100% Italian quality and creativity!

 The two side compartments feature inside shelves for easy storage

 Work, read, write, create, rest.

Momentoitalia is specialized in modern Italian furniture 100% made in Italy and imported from Italy, with a particular interests on transformable furniture, space saving furniture and sofa beds. Our collection of modern sofa beds is extensive and you will most definitely find a model which is right for your living space. 

We have become more aware of how important the living space is and we put more efforts in choosing the right furniture pieces for our home. The world of furniture works exactly like fashion: you can buy a beautiful woman purse for 300$ and another beautiful one for 6,000$. But although it may not seem that clear, the difference is in so many details especially in the design details and of course, materials used. Not to mention the authenticity of the product itself. That is why we chose to bring you only high end Italian furniture designed, and produced in Italy. 

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