Thursday, September 25, 2014

Modern sofa twin bed

We are glad to bring you another amazing beautiful looking modern sofa bed! This one is pretty fantastic as it is available in so many different versions and is able to transform in a double bed. The seat is already a single bed while it hides a second extractable lower bed. The upper bed can be raised out and form a double bed together with the lower one. Each single bed measures 33.5" x 77" and double bed arrives to 67" x 77" . The sofa bed lines are rigorous but soften up by the lovely throw in pillows which cover all of the back. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Easy modern armchair bed

A versatile armchair which transforms into single bed in the easiest fastest way! This modern armchair has its padding and its cover which are built like a sleeve. Lift it all up and take that cover away and unlock the bed with one easy step. This armchair is the perfect modern armchair bed for all solutions: if you have a studio and need a quick and compact sleeping solution, for contract projects such as hotels, hospitals, resorts, schools. In the house for your den room, your kids room or any corner of the house. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

The elegant sectional sofa and sofa bed

If you are looking for an elegant sofa for your living room and have thought about the option of adding a sofa bed piece to accommodate your guests  without compromise the look of your living area you may have found the right product. Such elegance is not wasted even when a convertible sofa bed is added. The modern lines are safe.  The bed system quietly hides inside while on the outside, everything stays clean and fresh. With this modern sofa bed model you can create wide compositions and sectional versions, you can add corner elements, chaise lounges and shaped end elements. The armrests and cushions follow rigorous proportions and the back cushions feature extra support thanks to round head pillows on the back. This modern sectional sofa and sofa bed version is available in multiple fabrics and all covers are removable for dry cleaning.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

In Gabbia cuckoo clock

A more respectful way to keep a bird in the house, the birdcage cuckoo clock is inspired by Tweety and Sylvester....but fortunately here there is no real bird in a cage (yes for us kids Tweety was a real one!!) So enjoy this cute modern cuckoo clock and the cuckoo singing in its birdcage. Made of painted wood and available in several happy colors this modern cuckoo represents a fantastic gift idea. Are you looking for Holidays gifts? check. Need a gift for a weedding? check. Is your friend's birthday coming soon? check. Choose your preferred color add a bow and all you need to do is to write that wish card! And why not to get a second one for yourself?  The birdcage cuckoo clock is made in Italy! Italian design and style; volume controls can be set on high or low and thanks to a light sensor the cuckoo stays quiet at night! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

KUKURUKU cuckoo clock, the best selling modern cuckoo


Everyday a cuckoo presentation...well most likely it's gonna be from time to time but why not enjoying a video to get a better understanding of this amazing clocks? So here we go again  with our best selling item when it comes to home decor, the Kukuruku cuckoo clock which came out in 2008 and still is selling like it came out yesterday! This modern cuckoo clock is so simple yet so sophisticated with its organic design, the beautiful tree which resemble the idea of winter welcoming the bird on one of its main branch, the color combination and the bare case shape, a wood rectangular case available in three colors. All of these make the kukuruku  a chic gift idea and a home decor piece perfect for any home.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A cuckoo a day....Q01 modern cuckoo clock

So many customers have contacted us because they wanted to have a feel of our modern cuckoo clocks, listen to their singing and have a broad idea on general sizes and looks. So we felt we ought to bring something more to show to them how exceptional and cool our cuckoos are and we have created some quick videos which shows proportions,mechanisms, and most importantly they can now hear their singing.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Modern cuckoo clocks as unique gift ideas

It's that time of the year again, when we project ourselves into the fall and winter and start thinking about the Holidays and the gifts. Do you like to plan in advance? Are you getting your gifts list done at the last moment? Either way, why not considering our lovely modern cuckoos as one or more items on that list? Beautiful and quality designer clocks, cuckoo clocks and wall clocks with many different colors and different designs. The cuckoo stays quiet at night thanks to a light sensor, so you do not need to get worried it will wake you up! You can also turn the volume low during the day. Quartz cuckoo clocks.