Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A cuckoo a day....Q01 modern cuckoo clock

So many customers have contacted us because they wanted to have a feel of our modern cuckoo clocks, listen to their singing and have a broad idea on general sizes and looks. So we felt we ought to bring something more to show to them how exceptional and cool our cuckoos are and we have created some quick videos which shows proportions,mechanisms, and most importantly they can now hear their singing.

So let's proceed with our second featured cuckoo, the Q01, so simple but yet sophisticated in its multi-faceted shape. Compact size where the cuckoo home and the roof are bonded in one unique block available in wenge colored wood or painted red or black. White letters and hands define the front and the cuckoo sing as many times as the hours.  Our modern cuckoo clocks have a quartz movement, there are high-low-off volume controls and thanks to a light sensor the cuckoo stays quiet at night. and most importantly, they are Made in Italy. Size 16" x 16"

Enjoy the video!

Momentoitalia brings you high end designer Italian furniture and modern home accessories such as modern clocks, modern cuckoo clocks. Our clocks represent a fantastic gift idea and perfect for any type of gift whether this is a birthday gift or Holidays gifts, corporate or wedding gifts.

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