Thursday, September 11, 2014

In Gabbia cuckoo clock

A more respectful way to keep a bird in the house, the birdcage cuckoo clock is inspired by Tweety and Sylvester....but fortunately here there is no real bird in a cage (yes for us kids Tweety was a real one!!) So enjoy this cute modern cuckoo clock and the cuckoo singing in its birdcage. Made of painted wood and available in several happy colors this modern cuckoo represents a fantastic gift idea. Are you looking for Holidays gifts? check. Need a gift for a weedding? check. Is your friend's birthday coming soon? check. Choose your preferred color add a bow and all you need to do is to write that wish card! And why not to get a second one for yourself?  The birdcage cuckoo clock is made in Italy! Italian design and style; volume controls can be set on high or low and thanks to a light sensor the cuckoo stays quiet at night! 

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