Wednesday, September 10, 2014

KUKURUKU cuckoo clock, the best selling modern cuckoo


Everyday a cuckoo presentation...well most likely it's gonna be from time to time but why not enjoying a video to get a better understanding of this amazing clocks? So here we go again  with our best selling item when it comes to home decor, the Kukuruku cuckoo clock which came out in 2008 and still is selling like it came out yesterday! This modern cuckoo clock is so simple yet so sophisticated with its organic design, the beautiful tree which resemble the idea of winter welcoming the bird on one of its main branch, the color combination and the bare case shape, a wood rectangular case available in three colors. All of these make the kukuruku  a chic gift idea and a home decor piece perfect for any home.

The Kukuruku is 16" long and 12 " high a perfect rectangular shaped clock with a depth of 4 inches, it is available in light oak wood with white tree and green branches an ethereal version of spring, a wenge wood with white tree which recall fall and a black wood with deep orange tree design which let us think about winter and the Holidays. The kukuruku is a perfect modern gift! If you are looking for a gift idea this will not disappoint! Holidays gifts , birthday gifts, wedding gifts and even corporate gifts. You can browse our modern cuckoo clock selection on our website at or buy our clocks online at  . The Kukuruku feature high low volume control, and thanks to a light sensor the cuckoo stays quiet at night. Battery feeding and quartz movement. Oh and yes, its made in Italy!  

Momentoitalia imports high end designer Italian furniture and Italian home accessories such as modern cuckoo clocks or wall clocks and home accessories. If you are looking for gift ideas or designer gifts browse our selection on our website where you will find the latest cuckoo clocks and wall clocks, decor objects for the home.  Momentoitalia is specialized in Italian furniture, modern sofa beds and designer sofas, transformable furniture and space saving furniture. 

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