Monday, December 7, 2015

A new world to explore: Mid Century Modern Italian Design

Our brand new partner website is up and running! We have partnered with a team of Italian restorers to outsource and import authentic Mid Century Furniture and Art Deco furniture from Italy! Original furniture from the 40s' to the 80s' restored and imported from Italy. Most of them have been directly scored by our furniture purchase manager during her trip to Italy! 

Through our dedicated work and our continuous collaboration with a team of Italian restorers base in Northern Italy, we carefully restore each piece to bring it back to life again. Ready to fulfill your home.

Visit our brand new website dedicated to authentic Mid Century Modern Italian design and Mid Century furniture and discover a selected unique collection of rare furniture pieces!  You will find works by Paolo Buffa, Gio Ponti, Massimo Vignelli, Osvaldo Bersani Marco Zanuso and many more Italian designers. 

A Message from our team of Italian restorers:

 “For over three generations our family has been restoring antique furniture as well as 'modernariato'- otherwise know as mid-century modern. To this day, we are still very passionate in our efforts to maintain the same standards of craftsmanship of the original manufacturers when restoring these little works of art. 
In our restoration projects we use no industrial machinery, almost all our tools are the very same ones used at the original time of manufacture and throughout the process we follow the original furniture makers' methodology- down to the final layer of varnishing and lacquering.
Although our pieces may appear 'new' after a restoration project, our paramount concern is to maintain the original integrity of the piece as dictated by the designer and manufacturer.  With the exception of  parts that are beyond repair and may impede every day use - locks, handles and padding- we substitute no parts. And, because we believe every piece has a history and a life story to tell, we leave the smallest imperfections to remind you. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Poltronova Saratoga by Massimo Vignelli

Everybody's crazy about Mid Century Modern design but not so many can claim to offer authentic true Mid Century Italian design. Be aware there are a lot of reproductions and actual productions of Mid Century furniture called Mid Century Modern, what you are buying is a contemporary product produced now, made in the style of the furniture designed in the 50's. That is not the same! At Momentoitalia you can purchase authentic Art Deco and Mid Century ITALIAN Design! Pieces from the 30's to the 70's amazing collecting pieces, real works of art. Visit our partner site where you can discover our collection of Mid Century Modern Italian design and Mid Century furniture 

Today we present an ICON, a true LEGEND. We are talking about the SARATOGA sofa and seating collection by the famous company Poltronova designed by Lella and Massimo Vignelli in 1964. The Saratoga collection is very rare. It is a series of two , three and four-seater sofas accompanied by small chests which can be positioned at the corner, and side tables. What strikes about this incredible design is its modernity. It was produced in the 60's and still so eye catching and modern. The massive rigid frame contrasts the soft upholstered cushions. The structure has a black polyester lacquer almost the finish of the lovely classical pianos. This sofa is so minimalistic, a classic piece and was a pioneer in the home furniture design. 

The designer, Massimo Vignelli is a true legend. Once interviewed about this product he claimed:  

"We have designed this sofa because we really needed a sofa.” (M.V.) “And the sofa we wanted was one with an architectural character rather than a soft, smooth object.” 

We can't agree more! 

The Saratoga, designed in 1964 for Poltronova.image source: Vignelli Design 

You can now purchase one Saratoga by Poltronova 3 seater and one two seater sofa with black leather cushions, the leather shows that beautiful patina which is reached through age only. We also offer one two seater sofa with natural leather color. Plus if you want to make the whole set we have available two Saratoga chests, two saratoga coffee tables and the Saratoga sideboard! We are the only ones to have the complete living room by Poltronova, the Saratoga collection designed by Massimo e lella Vignelli ! 

Poltronova: Saratoga 3-seater

Poltronova: Saratoga 2-seater