Tuesday, December 27, 2016

An Italian Contemporary Sofa : modern style with contemporary inspirations

For those who prefer a mix of contemporary and modern design we have a curated selection of contemporary Italian Sofas and Sofa beds. These styles are suitable for most living spaces especially when taken with rich texturing upholstery such as high quality cotton velvet, maybe teflon treated to prevent staining. The featured #sofa represent the finest design for contemporary Italian sofas but keeps a modern look without pushing aesthetics to the limit. Blend it with rich warm wood furniture, bold modern colored accessories and pair with antique or modern rugs.

#Italian luxury modern and contemporary #sofas can be found on our website at http://www.momentoitalia.com/tutti%20file/living_sofa.htm they all feature removable upholstery, quality materials created by Italian acclaimed designers and crafted by skilled craftsmen.

This elegant luxury sofa is available in different sizes although the featured listing is offered in an 8 feet version. The structure is made of wood padded with polyurethane foam D40 with elastic woven belts support. Seat made of down feather Golden label with Ergolattex D35. Back cushions in down feathers Golden Label with polyurethane D18 SS. Wood feet wenge painted.

The cover threads of this contemporary sofa are made of a contrasting material for a more elegant effect. This lovely contemporary Italian sofa is available in different fabrics and materials . Designitalia imports high end modern Italian Furniture browse our website www.momentoitalia.com to find top quality luxury living room and bedroom furniture.

Momentoitalia is proud of its line of Italian modern sofas. This modern collection of sofas is manufactured by a well known Italian company in Northern Italy following old Italian family traditions. Every detail is important and taken in consideration, no matter if you take a sectional configuration or one armchair. Behind our modern collection of sofas and sectionals there is a superior quality and craftmanship made in Italy. You can choose your size, your configuration, you can combine complements to your sofa layout, you can choose your fabric color and texture as well as prestigious material such as alcantara or leather.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Italian Modern Furniture: Sectional Sofas modular elements get to a whole new level

Love modular soft and multi functional sofas? This amazing Italian made modern design sofa is available with multiple elements options to create personalized sectional sofa compositions. 

The largest #sofa #compositionfeatures 5 separate elements to be positioned freely, used separately or together. This Italian design furniture collection is anything you need for your living room. 

Single elements which are combined to create a dynamic seating area. This Italian #Design #sectional #sofa is composed by five pieces: a chaise, two central elements, an ottoman and an end element with open section all combined into a whole unique configuration of 14.5' by 13.2' feet and it is proposed in a fabric upholstery. More information on our #Italian #designer #sofas can be found at http://www.momentoitalia.com/tutti%20file/living_sofa.htm Soft lines and very modern design. If you required personalized configurations, other materials or anything else please contact our offices and inquire with the sales team. 

This Italian Design furniture sectional sofa is made in Italy, custom-made to order in Italy. Imported from Italy. There is a lead time of 12/13 weeks approximately for East Coast, and 14/16 weeks approximately for West Coast. Made in Northern region of Milan, where all the best Italian manufacturers have their production facilities. 

The structure for this Italian Sofa is wood and polyurethane foam at different densities D25 and D21. It has a metal base finished white, anthracite or satin. 

Designitalia imports authentic #Italian #design #furniture and rare 20th century design pieces. Browse our modern selection of Italian furniture or mix and match our modern design pieces with our Mid-Century selected furniture for the ultimate luxury home, visit our website http://www.momentoitalia.com Please contact our offices for fabric selection and any other information you might need.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Which trends has Italian Design brought to us in 2016? Let's wrap up the year together

Another year is almost over. 
This 2016 has seen many different changes in the world of Italian design. We witnessed the return of a design inspired by the past, with deco reference, warm woods and dark rich deep colors in contrast with bright and vivid hues, in every area of the home. Cool whites and bare living areas were cornered to give space to a more casual luxury home. Wood made a strong come back especially in the warm finishes such as Canaletto walnut applied to both bedroom and living room furniture, a deep medium brown with hints of darker and lighter wood. We saw another reinterpretation of the refined style of the Italian 1950s we saw thick furniture and brass details, with a noticeable difference: the home is more versatile than ever. 

You can find our Italian Design Furniture collection on our website http://www.momentoitalia.com high end #modern #italian #furniture and 20th Century design pieces. We are very excited to see what's going to be presented at the next International Furniture Fair in Milan, new modern sofas and sectionals, new quality Italian furniture which still sets its records high in terms of sales and popularity. 

What should we expect from 2017? We are definitely waiting for more exciting designs and maybe some shocking new trends!  #italianfurniture#italiandesign #modern #designer #furniture

Designitalia imports high end modern Italian furniture specializing in modern living room and bedroom, presenting high end modern #Italian #sectional sofas, leather #sofas and modern #sofabeds. Browse our website momentoitalia to find out more information about our selection of Italian Modern Design. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Italian Sectional Sofa Furniture at Designitalia, sleek lines and good proportions

Each one of us has different preferences when it comes to home furniture. Those who likes a mix of modern and antique style, those who prefer a contemporary approach and those who look right into the world of modern sleek design. For this last group of design lovers, the featured Italian sectional sofa will be just the perfect choice for their living room, with a defined and bold look, firm cushions which keep the shape and stay still, the right proportions and the right curves at the right place. 

A wonderful design, made in Italy, Italian modern sectional sofa with a 100% useful end element chaise style.

It features a two-seat end element and another corner end element. The sofa is sturdy and the cushions are firm to keep the shape. The seat cushions are made of polyurethane foam and spring with a special skid stopping system which prevent them to slide forward or move out of place. The back cushions of this sectional sofa have a built in system which allow them to be lifted up for a more comfortable seating position, for reading or sitting more up straight.

The corner end element has a built in flap up headrest with a large back pillow and this detail makes this piece useful to maximize the seating area. More seating available respect to a standard chaise longue which is only suitable for a one person. This #modern #Italian #sectional #sofa has chrome legs which lift the whole structure and give a sense of lightness to the composition. More information on our website http://www.momentoitalia.com/

At last, you must notice the wonderful detail of the large armrests which curves on the back to follow the natural curve of the back cushions;one of the most elegant sectional sofa from our Italian Modern Furniture collection. 

This Italian sofa is available in different configurations, with fabric or leather upholstery. Made in Italy. Designitalia imports high end modern Italian Furniture from Italy, specialized in high end Italian sofas and sofa beds, sectional sofas, armchairs and dining room furniture. You can get further information by browsing our website at http://www.momentoitalia.com

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Flexible and versatile Modern Italian Sectional Sofa with a twist !

Amazing and versatile Italian modern sectional sofa with modularity and many important details. Available in fabric or leather, this sectional sofa is composed by four connecting pieces. Each piece has it's own adjustable backrest shelving completely covered with thick hide leather. Two of the sofa elements are connected through a bench completely covered with thick hide leather in dark brown. The end element which is laying on this bench can be moved and slightly bent forward at a degree angle for a more cozy seating area.

The sofa elements are armless and feature a whole seat cushion and large backrest pillows. The feet are chrome. This Italian sectional sofa can be available in many different sizes and configurations. If you don't want leather shelving choose a wood shelving or lacquered shelving option. Please inquire with our sales team for sizing if you need a more personalized configuration.

This featured modern sectional #sofa which can be found at http://www.momentoitalia.com/ is made of four elements for a total size of 7.3' feet by 12.6' feet. This #modern #Italian #Sectional #Sofa is available in different sizes and configuration. If you need a more personalized composition please inquire to our sales team. Designitalia imports high end modern Italian Furniture since 1988, and authentic 20th century Italian design pieces. Browse our collection of modern designer furniture and Mid-Century Italian modern design and find more sofas at http://www.momentoitalia.com

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Just the right proportions. New Italian Modern Sofa from the 2016 Collection

Superb modern Italian sofa from the latest 2016 collection, a wonderful modern design for the ultimate designer home. The massive and thick body structure and the largely rectangular shaped armrests beautifully contrast the sleek seat cushions, while the back cushions feature a built in mechanism which allows them to recline upward for a more comfortable seating. What we love of this modern Italian sofa is its balanced shape, the tall armrests which raise up to the back height, and the generous sofa proportions. This model is shown in a three seater design, but is also available with multiple elements for sectional sofa compositions (please inquire via email about other sizes). You can create large sofa compositions by starting with single armchairs and ottomans, multiple sofas of three or two seats at different sizes and corner and central element including chaise lounges for large combination. To get more information you can also visit our website at http://www.momentoitalia.com/

The two and three seater sofas are also available in multiple sizes. The featured item is long 106.3" inches with three seat cushions. The featured sofa is quoted in fabric, but keep in mind that leather is also available as well as many other fabric selections.

The cover of this #modern #italian #sofa is completely removable for dry cleaning. Featured listing size: 106.3" w - 41.3" d - 25/33" h - 16" seat h. 

This Italian modern sofa is made in Italy and imported from Italy, it is a new product custom made to order. Delivery time Italy-East Coast 12/13 weeks, Italy-West Coast 14/16 weeks approximately. Ship also to other countries but must inquire to us BEFORE purchasing. Price includes shipping from Italy to our warehouse in NJ. Local delivery to final destination extra cost. Designitalia imports high end modern Italian furniture from Northern Italy and authentic and original 20th Century Design. Visit our website to see the entire production! #italian #designer #furniture

Sunday, November 20, 2016

20th Century Italian Design part 1: history defines a new movement

20th Century Italian Design plays an important role to understand the importance and development modern Italian Design and what it has become in our modern world. We are not surprised that Italian design has reached the highest level of popularity worldwide. We all looking to embellish our homes with wonderful Italian furniture which we stare at, standing fiercely in those beautiful showroom or printed over some of the most popular magazines. It is not anymore perceived as a trend, but more likely as a movement.  And 20th Century Design has made a sharp and impressive come back, with Italian 20th Century Furniture leading the market. As of today, a Beautiful Carlo Mollino wardrobe desktitled “ Psiche Armadio “  is for sale at a famous New York Auction house starting at 250,000$. 

But how far back Italian Design dates? We could historically place the beginning of Italian Design somewhat immediately after a long and dark period which saw Italy bending on its knees in the middle of the 20th Century: World Wars. It all started because of the Wars. Italy had lost almost everything but not it's citizens' pride; citizens could not wait to start over and fuel back that fire which always had defined them, impatiently looking for a more profitable second half of the 20th Century. Italians needed to get back to work, to open their shops again ad lead a normal life hoping for a brighter future. 

The first sign of Design becoming an active part of society had something to do with mobility. In 1945 we were gifted with the first project of a motor scooter, the evergreen Vespa, designed by Corradino D’Ascanio, still an icon in our modern days. But the Vespa was not an isolated great project, because two years later a new exciting product was conceived, this time designed by two aeronautical engineers: the Lambretta scooter by Innocenti. Transportation and mobility also saw the creation of the beautiful and iconic Fiat 500 reflecting how Italian Design may become timeless, and not many remember another interesting project which we can call a predecessor of the Smart, the captivating Isetta compact car by Ermenegildo Preti.  Among other projects we must mention the Berlinetta Cisitalia which will be then permanently exhibited at the Moma Museum of Modern Art in New York City. In 1958 Olivetti who created some of the most technologically engineered aesthetically appealing typewriters such as Letters 22 and Lexicon 80 started a collaboration with Ettore Sottsass. So we have a clear picture on how industry, engineering, architecture were all united into the process of creating new ideas. 

This need of a new start brought Italy years of economic wealth and the Design set its root into the field of Industrial Design with the creation of mass production affordable and reusable every day objects, made of plastic and other low cost materials. Architects and Engineers were again involved in creating every day objects, from cutlery to furniture for the mass.

But when does Italian Design became recognized internationally? We could see its peak in 1972 when the Museum of Modern Art in New York dedicated a whole exhibition named “Italy: the new domestic landscape” . The preface of the catalog started with this sentence: It has been a long -standing assumption of the modern movement that if all man’s products were well designed, harmony and joy would emerge eternally triumphant". Can we still affirm such idea 43 years later?

The article is an excerpt from our 20th Century Design web https://www.italianmidcenturyfurniture.com/ Visit our partner sites to get to know more about Italian Mid Century Modern Design. 

Our company imports high end modern Italian Furniture and Mid Century furniture from Italy, only authentic one of a kind pieces and luxury modern Italian products http://www.momentoitalia.com/ 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

11 Best Sofa Beds Features : Here's Why Choose an Italian Modern Sofa Bed

Looking for a cool modern sofa bed is not easy task. There is so much to look through, especially over the internet, and so much confusion about costs and quality. We are specialized in Italian top quality modern sofa beds which are the best you could find on the market, designed in Italy and manufactured in Italy. Sofa beds might look all the same but just really looking at one you can tell the difference, oh well, after more than 20 years in the business, at least we can! There are so many details making the difference in the cost of a modern sofa bed, starting from the core, the sofa bed mechanism. Here we wrapped around 11 of the best features you could find while selecting our Italian made designer sofa beds and we are sure you will like if not all, some of them ! 


Our modern sofa beds are extremely easy to open. Most of the sofa beds from our collection feature a one touch operation system: simply pull the sofa back forward to unfold a full, queen or even king size bed; this is so easy why would you need any other way? some of our customers requested electrical operated sofa beds but would you pay more money and go through a hassle of maintenance and repair when having a manual operated sofa bed is that easy? 


While opening the sofa bed all the cushions stay attached to the structure so you do not need to remove anything to convert your modern sofa bed. Seat and back cushions are safely stored underneath so at the end, you will never sleep where you seat, and will keep your seat and back cushions neat and clean for longer time.


Patented smart and strong bed mechanisms some featuring a full welded net system and some featuring the new non sagging extra wide wood slats base. A steady bed for a true special sleepy time 

4) MULTIPLE SIZES AND CONFIGURATIONS | A sofa bed solution for any room need |  

Our modern sofa beds are available in multiple sizes in sectional or standard sofa layouts. Start from one simple armchair which becomes a single bed or choose a two or three seats sofa bed which converts into a queen or king size mattress. If you have the space, add an ottoman with storage or create a large compositions or L shapes with chaise lounges featuring storage space or end elements to maximize the seating space. You can even create corner compositions.

5) ESSENTIAL STORAGE | Hide it in the pockets !

Keep your room neat and mess free and store pillows and sheets in the two hidden pockets which are located behind the back (on selected models) Have your sofa bed ready in no time and keep everything in order. 


Sometimes you just really need that comfortable queen size bed for your in laws visits but you really lack the space. There are different ways to save space and still creation a lovely modern room ready to convert into bedroom. Our sofa beds are also available with narrowest armrests while still boosting queen size mattresses so you can save those extra 7 or 10 inches that you still don't have! Don't have to compromise a large queen bed or even having armrests on both sides, you can have them all by simply choosing the narrow armrests option.


If you are really tight on the space, your studio doesn't leave too many option on a 10 x 11 room, you need to fill that small wall or need to decorate a den room why not considering our armless sofa beds? Exactly like a standard sofa bed but without arms so you can really shrink that size and keep a full or queen size convertible bed option. Naturally all of the side will be finished and refined with your chosen fabric. How clever is that? Space saving details which are extremely useful in smaller areas.

8) NEW COVER NEW COLOR, NEW SOFA BED Just like that !  Removable cover | 

Our Italian sofa beds are made with a completely removable cover. The cover is fix on the sofa through a Velcro system so easy and convenient to remove for dry cleaning. Moving or changing your room decor? No problem you can pick a brand new cover in a fabric from our modern collection and you will receive the new cover at home ready to be put on. You will be amazed, having a new cover is like having a new sofa bed! 


Our modern Italian sofa beds can be completely disassembled for easy moving. Need to move? want to place your sofa bed in a different rooms? Start by taking off the armrests, then the back, the front foot panel and unzip cushions so that you can easily move it and then reassembled it in no time. 


You might start with a single bed or you can pick sofa beds models featuring twin, full, queen or even king size mattresses. You might choose between pocketed spring mattresses or polyurethane foam mattresses, some also featuring natural latex mattresses. Different  high quality mattresses for different needs. 


Choose between a wide selection of modern colors and textures of fabrics. Our selection ranges from full cotton to mix materials, textured fabrics to smooth and plain bold color ones, suede and velvet or linen? For a luxury add on our modern sofa beds are also available in a soft full grain Italian leather available in more than 30 different colors. You will most certainly find the right hue to match with your modern home decor.

** the above features are available all or some depending on the model selected. Each model might offer different features so please inquire us with specification needed***

Momentoitalia imports high end modern Italian furniture, specialized in high end designer bedroom and living room furniture. Browse our website at http://www.momentoitalia.com/ to discover top quality Italian sofas and sectional sofas, modern sofa beds, space saving furniture and bedroom furniture. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sobriety and elegance in a modern Italian armchair

From designer Giulio Manzoni comes a new armchair  which expresses a bound between past and present, and beautifully blends with modern and contemporary environments through its sobriety and elegance. The new Grace armchair has a sculptural design and maximum comfort. 

It's rounded softer cone feet contrast with the wing armrests and the thick seat cushions. This year we saw a return of velveteen and suede strong colors materials mixed with neutral and taupe colors. These Italian armchairs are perfect for any room, for hotels and resorts and for boutiques and entertainment spaces and clearly look at the past designs from the 60s and 70s. They want to turn their attention to comfort and durability. 

The Grace armchair is available in multiple modern fabrics and in leather in more than 30 different colors. Italian designed and produced this armchair can be ordered immediately for your residential or contract projects or just for your home or office. You can browse our modern Italian furniture collection on http://www.momentoitalia.com/  to browse between Italian living room and bedroom furniture, modern home accessories, and contract furniture. 

Momentoitalia imports Italian modern furniture from Italy. We are specialized in modern sofa beds and Italian sofas, living room and bedroom furniture. Our modern sofa beds are top quality and the leading products in sofa beds worldwide. Contact us for further information about our Italian furniture.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

News from the 2016 Milan Design Week : new modern sofa beds

The latest 2016 Milan Design week has brought us some of the best Italian designs for the new season. We are presenting two smart and stylish new modern sofa beds which don't look like sofa beds at all. 

These modern Italian #sofabeds feature a raised structure for easy floor cleaning underneath, sleek design, they do not look like #sofa #beds at all! 

These modern sofa beds will be the perfect solution for any modern living room, studio or den room. Removable cover for dry cleaning and multiple fabrics or leather to choose from, pick a neutral or a vibrant colors.

Momentoitalia brings you the latest Italian furniture designs, specialized in modern Italian furniture for the living room and bedroom, modern sofa beds and space saving furniture visit http://www.momentoitalia.com/ #furniture #modern #designer #design #sofas #beds Whether you are looking to furnish your living room with modern dining tables, modern wall units and designer chairs, or your bedroom with platform beds or modern Italian upholstery bedroom, if you need home decor accessories or outdoor furniture we have a large selection to choose from, top quality Italian furniture designs imported from Italy !

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

News from the 2016 Milan Design week : Italian wall units with a vintage flair, new Italian furniture designs

April is the month of design in Italy. Every year the Milan Design Week held in Milan bring us more exciting new products and creative top quality Italian furniture. This year, Italian design looks at the future with great attention to the past and the environment. A revolutionary wall system from the 2016 Milan Design week, with clear foundations: recycling existing materials such as old wood , glass and iron, outsourced from old Italian countryside estates and factories, giving them new forms and new finishes; using real natural material like Compact derived from eucalyptus fibers. All these materials are treated and reconditioned into new living room solutions with an industrial and vintage flair through research and technology. ‪#‎italianfurniture‬ ‪#‎italian‬ ‪#‎furniture‬‪#‎designer‬ ‪#‎Italy‬ ‪#‎modern‬ ‪#‎wall‬ ‪#‎system‬ ‪#‎units‬

Versatile and modular, create your own composition and choose your finishes. Endless possibilities for this modern Italian wall unit furniture system.

This modern designer wall unit system recycles wood from old countryside estates bean and walls, reconditioned and refinished through high end technology, giving it a new life and high resistance. Beautiful modern plank woods back panels give this wall unit system and industrial and vintage flair which is unique and quiet unusual. You can find more Italian furniture designs on our website at http://www.momentoitalia.com/ Italian furniture sofa beds,modern beds,Italian living room chairs and tables, sectional sofas, transformable furniture and much more.