Saturday, December 17, 2016

Which trends has Italian Design brought to us in 2016? Let's wrap up the year together

Another year is almost over. 
This 2016 has seen many different changes in the world of Italian design. We witnessed the return of a design inspired by the past, with deco reference, warm woods and dark rich deep colors in contrast with bright and vivid hues, in every area of the home. Cool whites and bare living areas were cornered to give space to a more casual luxury home. Wood made a strong come back especially in the warm finishes such as Canaletto walnut applied to both bedroom and living room furniture, a deep medium brown with hints of darker and lighter wood. We saw another reinterpretation of the refined style of the Italian 1950s we saw thick furniture and brass details, with a noticeable difference: the home is more versatile than ever. 

You can find our Italian Design Furniture collection on our website high end #modern #italian #furniture and 20th Century design pieces. We are very excited to see what's going to be presented at the next International Furniture Fair in Milan, new modern sofas and sectionals, new quality Italian furniture which still sets its records high in terms of sales and popularity. 

What should we expect from 2017? We are definitely waiting for more exciting designs and maybe some shocking new trends!  #italianfurniture#italiandesign #modern #designer #furniture

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