Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Royal treatment: Italian Mid Century Dining Chairs

From our Italian Mid Century Furniture collection department a new set of fantastic chairs are ready to be shipped and fulfill the home of one passionate collector of 20th Century Design.  Osvaldo Borsani Varedo Dining Chairs reupholstered  with brand new 100% cotton velvet in a vibrant red with a luxurious oak structure and brass ornaments at front base with brass inlay into the front legs. These 20th Century designed Dining Chairs have been restored  maintaining their original wood color, authenticity and charm; more information can be found on our dedicated pattern side for Italian Mid Century Furniture at  where you will discover a wide collection of Mid Century chairs and sofas, lounge chairs, storage cabinets and decor pieces.  

Osvaldo Borsani Dining Chairs with Brass Ornament and new Red Velvet Upholstery 7

Osvaldo Borsani Dining Chairs with Brass Ornament and new Red Velvet Upholstery 3
True historic pieces of art, 20th Century Design & Italian Mid Century furniture. 

We carefully select unique pieces, from the Art Deco and Post-War Italian Period, restore them through the hard work of a third generation Italian restorer and one skilled Italian upholsterer, and bring them back to life, to be relived again by you. Original 20th Century Design furniture with a particular attention to Italy and the amazing creations of that particular period of our history.
Through our dedicated website  you will find a selection of Italian Art Deco furniture and Mid Century design pieces as well as selected antique products and home decor  accessories.  We do not sell reproductions but original and authentic collector pieces ! 
 Osvaldo Borsani Dining Chairs with Brass Ornament and new Red Velvet Upholstery 4

When needed, we restore each piece to its natural beauty with the help of an experienced Italian restorer from third generation. We are very passionate in our efforts to maintain the same standards of craftsmanship of the original manufacturers when restoring these little works of art. 
In our restoration projects we use no industrial machinery, almost all our tools are the very same ones used at the original time of manufacture and throughout the process we follow the original furniture makers' methodology- down to the final layer of varnishing and lacquering. Our paramount concern is to maintain the original integrity of the piece as dictated by the designer and manufacturer.  With the exception of  parts that are beyond repair and may impede every day use - locks, handles and padding- we substitute no parts. And, because we believe every piece has a history and a life story to tell, we leave the smallest imperfections to remind you.

Osvaldo Borsani Dining Chairs with Brass Ornament and new Red Velvet Upholstery 6

Our Mid Century Modern Furniture gallery is located in Jersey City at only 15 minutes from the Holland Tunnel which connects New York City with New Jersey. We are located in an old industrial building sharing our creativity with many other artists, architects, wood workers and retailers. Just the perfect place to network and connect. We are open by appointment only and we offer shuttle service from path stations or bus stations to our place. Our gallery is filled with authentic Italian Mid Century Modern Furniture pieces and exclusive Mid Century Modern Lighting. You will find Mid Century Sofas and Lounge Chairs, Mid Century case pieces, vintage accessories and Italian Designers Lighting from the 20th Century period.  More info on 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Italian Mid Century Dining Chairs New Arrivals! Mid Century Modern style

Just ready to ship! These incredible Italian Mid Century Dining Room Chairs have been completely restored including beautiful Italian leather white upholstery. What we love about these chairs is the beautiful veneering of the structure of the real wood, the brass details both on the back and feet and the lovely proportions between the seat and the back. A true Italian Design of the 1960s period! Check these amazing Italian Mid Century Chairs on where you will find authentic Italian Mid Century Modern Design and Collector Italian Mid Modern Lighting! #italian #midcentury #mid #century #modern #furniture#italianfurniture #italianmidcentury #20th #Century Designitalia Mid Century Modern sells only authentic and not modern reproductions!

Designitalia welcomes you to a selection of authentic 20th Century modern Italian design and  Mid Century modern furniture. We pride ourselves in outsourcing exclusive Italian 20th Century design from the Art Deco period to the late 70's  with iconic works by Paolo Buffa, Gio Ponti, Osvaldo Borsani and Ico Parisi, as well as post war Italian designers such as Marco Zanuso, Massimo Vignelli, Cini Boeri and many others. All our Italian Mid Century products are restored maintaining their original beauty and ready to be used by the most selective Interior Designers and their customers' homes. Choose between a wide array of dining chairs, dining tables, case and storage pieces and home decor accessories. Leather lounge chairs are also available.  

Our inventory of  authentic Italian Mid Century design furniture includes Mid Century modern design storage pieces  with outstanding secretaries  cabinets and buffets, as well as dining chairs and leather chairs, sofas and accessories, conceived by Master architects such as Paolo Buffa and Osvaldo Borsani Gio Ponti Vico Magistretti, Ettore Sottsass, Marco Zanuso, Cini Boeri, Massimo Vignelli and many more. Check often our new products page to find exciting new pieces and ontact our Italian customer service specialists to inquire about our furniture selections, condition of each piece, and delivery information. Our Mid Century Modern furniture is restored by a third generation Italian restorer whose goal is to maintain the originality and beauty of the product bringing it to life again without altering its essence. 

Mid Century Dining Chair - leather - detail of the back, brass inserts curved shaped back leather upholstery

Contact 1 877 332 6769 for info and purchase!

Friday, April 28, 2017

A new exhibition dedicated to master architect Gio Ponti

The Georgia Museum of Art has just announced a new exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest designers of the 20th century – Gio Ponti.  The show, “Modern Living: Giò Ponti and the 20th-Century Aesthetics of Design”, will present more than 50 objects borrowed from American museums and private collections, representing some of Ponti’s most outstanding pieces of furniture and decorative objects starting from the beginning of his career in the 1920s through the 1950s. The museum will also publish a fully illustrated exhibition catalogue, the first major work in English on Ponti's career. 

Gio Ponti was much more than a designer of objects although he did begin his storied career collaborating with Richard Ginori, creating designs and motifs of classical inspiration through porcelain decorative art.   He became a designer and architect present on every continent, taught for 25 years at at the Faculty of Architecture in Milan, was the director of Design Domus magazine, creator of the famous Compasso D'Oro award, curator of the Triennale of Milan, and a painter. Essentially he was always ahead of his time and calling him a designer, when this word was not yet in vogue in his times, would seem too reductive.
 Ponti was an early proponent of industrial design when this concept was still in its infancy. His works are immediately recognizable by their‘weightless’ design and extreme functionality and yet imbued with a fundamental aesthetic and craftsmanship that he had refined in collaboration with the 20th century Italian master artisans – the aforementioned Richard Ginori and Fornasetti.   . And no work captures that ethos better than his quintessential masterpiece- the Pirelli skyscraper, the first skyscraper in Italy and an ode to simplicity distributed over 32 floors (1956).
Above all, for Italy, he was the first true cultural promoter of Italian aesthetic throughout the world. Architecture, design and art are the foundations of this great artist, inspired by the great movements of the twentieth and nineteenth century, Futurism, Impressionism and , as Gio Ponti himself said, classical music.

Observing historical images of Ponti at 85 years old, coming down from his apartment in Milan to work at his architecture studio means witnessing the enthusiasm of a man who looked to the future and who conceived modern architecture as a form of functional art whose purpose was to service the community, a man who believed that perfect architecture has yet to be designed. His was a continuous search for the ultimate concept of the ‘Italian abode’, which in his view would have to be a ‘living’ and versatile environment, adaptable to the constant changes of a modern person’s life but, above all, exempt from any functional space constraint and non essential form. As a matter of fact his home in Milan was the perfect representation of his ideas : a series of spaces divided into different interchangeable rooms where there should have been no set bedroom, living room or dining room area but a modular ever-changing simple space. He said that one should boast of the simplicity of one’s own home because that is where you find your peace. He also created the "Finestra Arredata" where glass windows were equipped with shelves and modular elements so they could be functioning as windows as well as usable room walls. 
Among the furnishing objects he designed, we cannot help but recall the "Leggera Chair" and later the Superleggera manufactured by Cassina and still in production today, or the "La sedia di Poco Sedile" a chair with a shallow seat and a wide, comfortable, backrest. And of course, the Pavoni coffee machine, the Venini lamps, Ginori pottery and Fornasetti furniture and all his amazing buildings around the world. 

Modern Living: Giò Ponti and the 20th-Century Aesthetics of Design
JUNE 10, 2017 - SEPTEMBER 17, 2017

Momentoitalia has sided its collection of Italian Modern Furniture with a curated selection of authentic Italian Mid Century Modern designer furniture and 20th Century Mid Modern lighting collection. You can find Mid Century modern sofas and lounge chairs as well as Mid Century Lighting Designs  from the works of Paolo Buffa, Gio Ponti, Marco Zanuso, Osvaldo Borsani. Mid Century Modern Lighting includes floor lamps and table lamps by Stilnovo, Artemide, FontanaArte and many more. Browse our dedicated website to discover important #midcentury #Modern #furniture and #midmodern #lighting

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Towards higher standards: Modern Italian Sofa Beds with high mattresses and essential designs

From the 2017 Italian Furniture Fair "I Saloni Milano" a new exciting Italian made sofa bed has been added to our collection, featuring a massive 18 centimeter height mattress! Most definitely a very comfortable mattress, made of large and tall pocketed springs, produced by Simmons. Modern Italian Design, essential design and highest quality. You can check our range of sofa beds on our website where you will find a range of modular sofa beds, sectional sofa beds with storage and compact sofa beds boosting largest queen size mattress. All of the sofa beds are made in Italy and imported from Italy, and are available in multiple different fabrics and leather.

Looking for a high quality modern sofa bed is not easy task. There is so much to look through, especially over the internet, and so much confusion about costs and quality. We are specialized in Italian top quality modern sofa beds which are the best you could find on the market, designed in Italy and manufactured in Italy. Sofa beds might look all the same but just really looking at one you can tell the difference, oh well, after more than 20 years in the business, at least we can! There are so many details making the difference in the cost of a modern sofa bed, starting from the core, the sofa bed mechanism.

Our modern sofa beds are extremely easy to open. Most of the sofa beds from our collection feature a one touch operation system: simply pull the sofa back forward to unfold a full, queen or even king size bed; this is so easy why would you need any other way? some of our customers requested electrical operated sofa beds but would you pay more money and go through a hassle of maintenance and repair when having a manual operated sofa bed is that easy? 

While opening the sofa bed all the cushions stay attached to the structure so you do not need to remove anything to convert your modern sofa bed. Seat and back cushions are safely stored underneath so at the end, you will never sleep where you seat, and will keep your seat and back cushions neat and clean for longer time.

Start from one simple armchair which becomes a single bed or choose a two or three seats sofa bed which converts into a queen or king size mattress. If you have the space, add an ottoman with storage or create a large compositions or L shapes with chaise lounges featuring storage space or end elements to maximize the seating space. You can even create corner compositions.

#isalonimilano #salonimilano #furniturefair #italiansofabeds #modernsofabeds #designersofabeds #sofabeds #storage #sofas #beds #italianfurniture #italian #furniture Italian Furniture

Our Italian sofa beds are made with a completely removable cover. The cover is fix on the sofa through a Velcro system so easy and convenient to remove for dry cleaning. Moving or changing your room decor? No problem you can pick a brand new cover in a fabric from our modern collection and you will receive the new cover at home ready to be put on. You will be amazed, having a new cover is like having a new sofa bed!  To get more information visit our website 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New exciting modern Italian Furniture coming up soon - Milan Furniture Fair "I Saloni"

Milan International Furniture Fair - Coming up in April! Like it happens in fashion, our furniture collection renews itself every year with new and exciting luxury Italian designer sofas and sofa chairs as well as other interesting products for the ultimate modern home. New Products will be exhibited at the 2017 Milan Furniture Show "I Saloni" from April 4th to April 9th. Follow us to discover more, stay tuned.Are you ready to meet quality and innovation, to participates to events and after parties to live the week of Design ? 

ITALIAN FURNITURE made in Italy imported from Italy

Our style is modern with some more contemporary pieces, minimal look and superior quality with carefully realized details. Our Italian luxury sofas bring a glam look to your living room space
Our selection of modern designer Italian Sofas are created by the minds of skillful young and acclaimed Italian architects and designers. Check the full collection on These designer choose to give priority to comfort and forms with the use of quality construction materials. Our leathers come from European and Italian tanneries as well as our fabrics collection, modern and selective. In addition to standard sofa shapes and sizes each collection is complemented by tasteful complements such as modern ottomans, matching armchairs, shaped end element and modern element with open ends to maximize the seating space of our Italian designer sofas. 

Our Italian modern sofa companies follow family traditions and create luxury high end sofas and sofa beds, their factories are mostly located in Northern Italy, in the Brianza region where all of the best of Italian furniture is manfuactured. Each company is specialized in its own field, especially our Italian sofa companies which are exclusively producing sofas, chairs and sofa beds since generations. Our sofas collection is available on our website

We do also offer a wide selection of convertible modern Italian sofa beds, a time and space saving essential piece for a limited space made with Italian materials and knowledge and patented Italian bed structures mechanism. And each of the sofa or sofa bed may be complemented with designer Italian armchairs and lounge chairs with same fabric materials. 
All of our sofas and armchairs as well as lounge chairs and sofa beds are available with the finest Italian quality materials but can also be requested with customer own material and customized in sizes and configurations. 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Italian Furniture : Italian Designer Sofas with extra functionality

Push back, sit up and relax! this Italian Designer Sofa features a built in mechanism which allows to adjust the back cushions for a more comfortable and personalized seat position! How many times we wished we could recline our back cushions and just forget about it all ?  

This Beautiful Italian Designer Sofa can help you achieve that thanks to its back cushions featuring built in mechanism to adjust and recline the back up to a certain position. 

This modern Italian Sofa is  available in multiple fabric selections or luxury full grain leather sofas. The three seater version and the sectional layout with three cushions and chaise are particularly appealing. 

You can find this sofa and many more interesting Italian furniture at This Designer Sofa is one of the latest models and looks amazing in both fabrics or leather. The back cushions can be protected with added slip on covers against dirt and normal wear. Request more info to our sales team. 

We import high end modern Italian furniture for your living room, bedroom, office. Elevated elegance and superior Italian quality furniture. #italianfurniture#modernsofas #italiansofas #designersofas #italian #furniture #sofas

Saturday, January 7, 2017

All the benefits of Italian modern design and Italian quality, a contemporary approach - Italian Modern Furniture at ease

Our collection of beautiful high end Italian furniture consists mostly of minimalistic modern products, the Italian quality with sleek clean lines, but we like to propose few selected products which follow a more contemporary approach. Sometimes its necessary! Like our collection of modern Italian sofa beds furniture, which currently includes some of the most lovely and durable and easy to use sofa beds made in Italy. They are all so nicely designed and very modern so it is not a bad idea to add up some good contemporary design, like this amazing and comfortable sofa bed.

A contemporary sofa bed with an unusual design but which holds all of the characteristics of our modern sofa beds: it comes in very modern different fabrics textures and colors, it opens just like our other sofa beds with a quick touch move, and is very comfortable thanks to its high winged back, generous armrests and round side pillows with softer seat and back cushions.

Like our other modern #Italian #furniture which you can see on our website at this product sets high standards:   

You can open the sofa into bed without taking off any cushions. If you want to open the sofa and convert into sofa bed it is possible to do it with a simple movement, by pulling the back forward. The seat and back cushions stay put to the structure and the sofa reveals a comfortable queen-size mattress. With this contemporary Italian sofa bed you never sleep on the seat cushions, both seat and back stay protected and keep their shapes. 

The cushions are made of polyurethane foam and feathers for a more softer feel. This sofa bed mattress is made of pocketed large springs but with a small upgrade you can also have a polyurethane foam mattress. 

The sofa bed slat system is made by wood slats. This lovely sofa bed features Italian quality and Italian design. It is made in Northern Italy and imported from Italy. It can be taken in fabrics, in multiple modern textures and modern colors as well as in leather in many different colors. Price is quoted in Fabric. The sofa bed mattress is European queen-size 63" x 79". Measures: Size: 89" width, 40" depth, 37" height, 18" seat height. Depth when opened 86" inches. Mattress size 63" x 79" This sofa bed is custom-made to order - made in Northern Italy. Lead time Italy - East Coast 12/13 weeks, Italy-West Coast 14/16 weeks. Price includes shipping duties and taxes up to our warehouse in NJ. Local delivery is extra cost. For shipping to other countries please contact us directly.