Friday, January 27, 2017

Italian Furniture : Italian Designer Sofas with extra functionality

Push back, sit up and relax! this Italian Designer Sofa features a built in mechanism which allows to adjust the back cushions for a more comfortable and personalized seat position! How many times we wished we could recline our back cushions and just forget about it all ?  

This Beautiful Italian Designer Sofa can help you achieve that thanks to its back cushions featuring built in mechanism to adjust and recline the back up to a certain position. 

This modern Italian Sofa is  available in multiple fabric selections or luxury full grain leather sofas. The three seater version and the sectional layout with three cushions and chaise are particularly appealing. 

You can find this sofa and many more interesting Italian furniture at This Designer Sofa is one of the latest models and looks amazing in both fabrics or leather. The back cushions can be protected with added slip on covers against dirt and normal wear. Request more info to our sales team. 

We import high end modern Italian furniture for your living room, bedroom, office. Elevated elegance and superior Italian quality furniture. #italianfurniture#modernsofas #italiansofas #designersofas #italian #furniture #sofas

Saturday, January 7, 2017

All the benefits of Italian modern design and Italian quality, a contemporary approach - Italian Modern Furniture at ease

Our collection of beautiful high end Italian furniture consists mostly of minimalistic modern products, the Italian quality with sleek clean lines, but we like to propose few selected products which follow a more contemporary approach. Sometimes its necessary! Like our collection of modern Italian sofa beds furniture, which currently includes some of the most lovely and durable and easy to use sofa beds made in Italy. They are all so nicely designed and very modern so it is not a bad idea to add up some good contemporary design, like this amazing and comfortable sofa bed.

A contemporary sofa bed with an unusual design but which holds all of the characteristics of our modern sofa beds: it comes in very modern different fabrics textures and colors, it opens just like our other sofa beds with a quick touch move, and is very comfortable thanks to its high winged back, generous armrests and round side pillows with softer seat and back cushions.

Like our other modern #Italian #furniture which you can see on our website at this product sets high standards:   

You can open the sofa into bed without taking off any cushions. If you want to open the sofa and convert into sofa bed it is possible to do it with a simple movement, by pulling the back forward. The seat and back cushions stay put to the structure and the sofa reveals a comfortable queen-size mattress. With this contemporary Italian sofa bed you never sleep on the seat cushions, both seat and back stay protected and keep their shapes. 

The cushions are made of polyurethane foam and feathers for a more softer feel. This sofa bed mattress is made of pocketed large springs but with a small upgrade you can also have a polyurethane foam mattress. 

The sofa bed slat system is made by wood slats. This lovely sofa bed features Italian quality and Italian design. It is made in Northern Italy and imported from Italy. It can be taken in fabrics, in multiple modern textures and modern colors as well as in leather in many different colors. Price is quoted in Fabric. The sofa bed mattress is European queen-size 63" x 79". Measures: Size: 89" width, 40" depth, 37" height, 18" seat height. Depth when opened 86" inches. Mattress size 63" x 79" This sofa bed is custom-made to order - made in Northern Italy. Lead time Italy - East Coast 12/13 weeks, Italy-West Coast 14/16 weeks. Price includes shipping duties and taxes up to our warehouse in NJ. Local delivery is extra cost. For shipping to other countries please contact us directly.